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新金沙国际娱乐场网址:Valuation depression usher in the traditional peak season GF Securities ETF market

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内容摘要: At the beginning of 2018, blockbuster movies such as "Fanghua" and "Former 3" emerged so that the long-awaited media in...

At the beginning of 2018, blockbuster movies such as "Fanghua" and "Former 3" emerged so that the long-awaited media industry once again entered the investor's field of vision. Although the media sector is still weak in the New Year, agencies generally agree that the media industry already has long-term investment value. Under the dual power of valuation depression + traditional peak season, the first media in China ETF - GF Securities ETF will be listed on January 19, opening up for investors to lay a good opportunity for quality media companies in the media sector.

Consumption Ups Boost Media Structured Opportunities

Review In 2017, the media industry emerged from the two-wave rally in early and mid-year respectively, but failed to reverse the downward trend. The index went all the way down and out of the year-end low of 3417.96 on December 5 . According to Joaquim Securities statistics, as of December 28, 2017, the media industry index dropped 28.43% over the year, underperformed the index by nearly 45%, ranking the second to last in the industry. In the last two years, the SW index has dropped nearly 60%. From the valuation point of view, the current overall valuation of the media industry has been at a historical lower limit.

At the same time of huge decline, the media industry ushered in the traditional consumption season of New Year's Day, Spring Festival and Winter Holidays. First, the films "Fanghua" and "Former 3" won more than 1.4 billion and 1.7 billion box office respectively. After that, the H5 mini-games and the second daughter made good achievements in the sub-categories such as games, while the quick answer category APP made the content king "Once again become a hot word. "Explosion effect began to show further, as the bull market logic, burst effect regression is an important symbol of the market sentiment better." Southwest Securities In the research report said.

Under the superposition effect of the valuation depression and the traditional peak season, the research institute started to frequently sing investment opportunities in the media industry. As Donghai Securities pointed out, the media industry can enjoy the long-term growth brought by the upgrading of consumption. The main driving force lies in the consumption upgrade brought by the increase in per capita disposable income. Southwest Securities believes that although the media sector is still more vulnerable, but structural opportunities have emerged.

It is worth mentioning that, according to research record institutions listed companies to disclose, since the beginning of 2018, some institutions began to renewed interest in the media sector, Yuan Long Ya map and other listed companies in the media industry, ushered in the beginning Institutional research.

The First Media ETF Brings Opportunities for Opening

As the media industry ushers in structural opportunities, the GF Securities ETF provides an opportunity for investors to make early layouts.

As the first A-share media theme ETF, GF Media ETF has the advantages of low cost, high liquidity and arbitrage in and out of the market. The fund uses a full copy of investment, closely tracking the CSI media index, the pursuit of tracking deviation and tracking error is minimized. In the context of the escalation of spending, the fund focuses on opportunities for the development of the cultural industries in the field of cinematic content and media such as cinema, games, advertising and digital reading, and provides investors with configuration tools for quality companies in the media sector. It is reported that GF Securities Times ETF listed on January 19, the media ETF joint fund will also be listed on January 19 opening, investors can GF official website and other channels for purchase. It is worth mentioning that, GF Securities Times ETF will also be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange over the same period, in addition to off-site redemption, investors can also be traded on the secondary market, like trading stocks, as convenient and efficient low-cost and convenient venue Investors band trading and long-term configuration.

As the most complete ETF product provider in the industry, GF Fund, with its forward-looking layout over the years, has achieved full coverage of 8 tier-1 industries in the whole card sector and has preferentially arranged two such sectors as automobile, building materials and home appliances Grade Industry Index. In 2017, the GF Fund Index Corps achieved excellent overall performance. Galaxy Securities statistics show that all the major GF China Consumer Index ETF, Guangfa Shenzheng 100 Grades, GF Securities, the whole financial sector real estate ETF made 29.28%, 28.51%, 20.61% return, all in a similar lead in the Fund .





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